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"I'm getting ready for a 3-day pop up shop this weekend and another one day shop the following weekend. I've been sewing like a crazy lady to have as much inventory as possible. In the meantime, my Etsy shop is blowing up. Headbands are flying out the door faster than I can make them! I partially blame Melissa Kaiserman, because traffic started picking up after I began implementing her advice." — Katie Clark, Owner, Katie Did Productions
"I’m really not sure where to begin, so I guess I’ll start with a big ‘Thank You!' I feel so, so blessed to have found you and taken your Etsy Essentials course - it has made all the difference in my shop! As you know, my shop had been open for a couple of years before I took your course, but life happened and I really didn’t have the time or knowledge to get it up and running. I tried, but no sales and nothing really happened with it. When I was ready to start my business, God decided it was time for me to take care of my mother for a few years who was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s. I wouldn’t trade that for anything, as our family has also lived by “A Time For Everything.” As a creative person, I am totally right brained! I just cannot believe all the business steps that I had NOT done when I initially set up my shop - ARG! It would have been SO much easier to do it right from the beginning, but I feel so much better now knowing that I am totally in line with all business aspects. I now have a true business, not a hobby selling things on Etsy. Whew! You just don’t know what you don’t know! Since finishing your course (actually even before I finished), sales in my shop started really taking off! I have sold more each month (including three $172 wall sculptures!) and just finished a custom commission piece for over four figures! My largest sale to date! Amazing!! I just can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful advice and support you have/do give!" — Dot Galfond, Owner, License to Kiln