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My first baby was in the NICU for 53 days and came home on a scheduled so when Charlie came along it was like being new parents again. Thanks to Strong Little Sleepers online course, we were able to find a rhythm that suited his sleep style and he now sleeps consistently through the night and takes two solid naps during the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it easy to consolidate what seems like a massive amount of reading into an easy to follow e-course. ❤️❤️ — Sara, Mom of 2
I've worked with Lori several times. The first time she helped me get my twins on a better sleep schedule and my daughter back in her crib. Since then we've added two more babies to our crew and I have reached out to her for refresher courses. She even helped ME sleep better!!! — Katie, Mom of 4
Lori has helped our family get better sleep for 3 years now. It all started at 11pm one night when our 8 month old was crying in his crib AGAIN and another night of never sleeping through the night in the books. I was exhausted, frustrated and desperate for help and googled “Baby Sleep Help” and found Lori’s page. She was an answer to our prayers. It was literally three days later and our son was sleeping through the night. When our second baby came I was not about to make the same mistake again and contacted Lori right away so we could start off on a better foot this time! As you know, babies are a lot of work and nothing is ever completely consistent but aside from when they are sick, our boys put themselves to sleep and sleep through the night every night in their own rooms and are good nappers. It took work, consistency and doing exactly as Lori instructed us to get where we are but it was so worth it to know they are getting the sleep they need for growth and development and we are getting the sleep we need to stay sane! I have always been so impressed with Lori and her program for being professional, realistic, caring and compassionate. Every family could use the support and advice that Lori offers. — Jenny, Mom of 2
I want to commend you on the sleep course - you do a great job explaining things concisely and the real life examples are helpful. Your narration is clear and easy to listen to. What a relief to find a thorough, honest, expert source of information presented so clearly and objectively. Plus it's nice to have continuous access to the info to repeat parts because, you know, sleep and memory... Thanks so much for creating it! I'll recommend it highly to my mama friends! — Catherine, Mom of 1