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Feng Shui for Beginners
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Such a well addressed course touching on everything truly important in our lives. Thank you! I enjoyed this so much! — Shirley, Secretary
I had no idea how much my floor plan was impacting my life and relationships. There's drugs, there's therapy and there's Feng Shui. Thank you so much for this course Amanda, it’s changed my life! — Carol, Attorney
Wow after taking this course my head is spinning. So much good info! I'm going to focus on my bedroom - it is the only personal space I have and I'm going to be very intentional with my space so that the feng shui is right and it feels nice! I’ve been feeling stuck for over a decade and now I know why! — Cherie, Gardener
I consider myself a fairly boring person. I see things in black and white and never considered taking a course like this, until one day nothing was working. I just felt stuck and grumpy all the time. My friend Stephanie suggest I see Amanda. Everything she said resonated with my situation. Before I knew it I was signing up for this course and its the best damn decision I ever made! Thank you! — Carol, Business Owner
I enjoyed this course a lot and appreciated your knowledge; especially all the videos, that gave a ton of extra value to the entire course. To have an instructor like you is so valuable to truly understanding this language, so thanks for that! Tremendous value! — Alejandra , Designer
I learned that I haven’t been paying attention! I learned the importance of setting clear intentions so I can achieve a happy healthy home for my family. That is a home that feels welcoming. I think my career will thrive now and I'm going to get over some pretty big obstacles now that Ive taken this course! — Samantha , Energy healer
Fantastic is all I can say. Just learning to get the vibes right girl! How can you deny those positive vibes? Learning this has changed my life! — Jasmine, Tatoo artist
This course taught me to pay attention to my inner feelings. They know, so pay attention and don’t stuff them down. If I do Im ignoring my homes bad feng shui. — Miranda, Office manager
Drops of water on a stone… Reminds me of the word “broken” and how undesirable areas of my home are probably wearing me down without me realizing it. Thank you for all these tools! The 5 disruptors has changed the way I view my home and relationships! — April, Health administrator
The use of the bagua map and its meaning attached to the spaces in my home, OMG, everyone needs to know this! Without these tools I ignored so many feelings that were screaming that my feng shui was off. Thank you, thank you Amanda for these tools! — Carla, Attorney

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